Happy New Year 2015


As we close out 2015, it has been a good year for Retro home-brew development here at Electric Adventures.
Although the number of releases has been low, the investment of time and effort into expanding to the NES and SNES will pay off in 2016 with a number of extended versions of my previous games along with the titles from Collectorvision I am assisting with and of course the developer toolsets I make to help others out.
Not to say the ColecoVision, MSX and original Spectravideo are being left behind, I have made a large number of enhancements to my toolset which will be released early in 2016 and quite a few titles will be coming out.
In no particular order the Electric Adventures releases planned for 2016 will consist of:
- Meteor Swarm (NES)
- Pyxidis (Coleco/MSX/Spectravideo and NES)
- Seaquest 99 (Coleco/MSX/Spectravideo)
- Cavern Fighter (Coleco/MSX/Spectravideo and NES)
I have another special ColecoVision arcade conversion project in the works but will announce the title in a few weeks time.
This list does not include the Collectorvision projects I am assisting with.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years and a prosperous 2016.