These are books that have been published by Electric Adventures (Tony Cruise).

Programming Games for the ColecoVision and Adam

Perhaps the first of many volumes, this book aims to provide an overall guide on the steps required to start creating games for the ColecoVision 8-bit game console and its bigger cousin, the ColecoVision Adam Computer.
It will take you through each concept step-by-step, and rather than just being a technical guide, it will work through each stage with sample code and examples.
The code presented, will focus on writing games using Z80 assembler, just like the developers of the original ColecoVision games used back in the day.
It is possible to use languages such as C or Pascal to make ColecoVision games, but that is beyond the scope of what is covered in this book.
In addition to the tutorial section, a full technical guide covering the BIOS built into both the ColecoVision and Adam, along with memory and port maps is included.
Most BIOS calls include an example of usage or a reference to the tutorial section that covers it.

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Spectravideo & MSX Complete User Guide

I have released a revised/updated version of the book I released in 1991 for both the original Spectravideo and MSX machines, called Spectravideo & MSX Complete User Guide.
I used all of the original text with minor edits, added six articles I released in two different magazines called 'Beyond Basic' and it has been published as both a Printed and Kindle eBook. 

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