Sydney Hunter COD (NES) - February 2018 Update

This is a new regular update on development progress on each of my home brew titles for retro systems.
This video shows work in progress footage of Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
The goal is to make the game as close to the Super Nintendo version as is possible considering the limitations of the NES hardware.

Main updates in this version include:
- Sydney can now throw his boomerang and it returns to him
- All enemy sprites are done (bar some colour allocation issues)
- Animation for all enemies is complete
- Movement logic for some of the enemies is done

To do:
- Gem and object placement and collection
- Hit detection boomerang and player with enemies
- Colour adjustments
- Sound effects
- Scoring
- End of level transistions

The game is written in 6502 assembler, using the IDE Nesicide and a set of tile and map tools written by myself.

See a video of the work in progress here.