MSX/Coleco Sprite & Tile Set Editor 1.0.7653.39096

I have uploaded a new version of my MSX/Coleco Sprite and Tile Editor: Version 1.0.7653.39096
- Hopefully have fixed the painting speed issues in the Sprite and Tile editor sections (my new laptop is too fast so hard for me to test)
- Import image works reasonably well, suggest you reduce the image to 16 colours 1st for best auto colour mapping - I will tweak the matching tolerances.
- Full screen editor, now has separate colour selectors for foreground and background colours and left and right mouse button functions hopefully make more sense
- Pixel zoom cursor inverts the current colour so should be visible at all times Note: bug when you flick the mouse around randomly - probably exiting the draw area too fast.
- Rough sample here fit in one tileset with room to spare, so duplicate tile matching is working well.
That will probably be the last release for a couple of weeks, I have added what I wanted for the immediate time. Back to some game dev for me over Christmas.
Of course let me know if you find any issues.
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