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Strange name but still a cool game! A vertically scrolling shooter, with ground and air based shooting, multi-colour sprite use, challenge stages, power ups and end of stage bosses.  To get this one to fit in the SVI-318's 16k of RAM (12k practically available), I had to make the 3rd level a little shorter than I had originally designed and drop the music that I had created (probably a good thing - music is definitely NOT my strong point).

The game is quite challenging and it can take a bit of effort to get through all three stages, and then the movement clock is doubled making a harder set of the same three levels to get through.

I still to this day regret that I was never able to produce the 1,000 copy sample requested by ASCII corporation in Japan, it is interesting to postulate on what would have happened next.  Pyxidis was still the biggest selling title from Electric Adventures (followed by Video Graffiti and Frontier), with  many of my later teenage computer collection funded by the sale of the titles.