Various downloads to assist with programming the Spectravideo, MSX and Colecovision systems.

Let's Make a Retro Game

In this series I will be working through the steps required to make a home brew game for a retro 8-bit console or computer system.

The primary system used will be the Colecovision, but I will provide conversion steps and code for both MSX and original Spectravideo systems as we go.

In later episodes we will be going through the conversion process to make the same game for:

  • Spectrum
  • Amstrad CPC
  • Commodore 64
  • Atari 8-bits
  • and finally the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

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Spectravideo ROM Cartridge Template

This is a basic template for developing a ROM cartridge for the original Spectravideo (SV-318/328) machines.

It includes an interrupt handler, sprite and character graphic handling and sound.

There are a number of useful routines that will be useful for developing a title in ROM cartridge form.

No BIOS routines are available in this setup, you need to implement bank switching if you want to call BIOS routines.

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Spectravideo & MSX Complete User Guide

I have released a revised/updated version of the book I released in 1991 for both the original Spectravideo and MSX machines, called Spectravideo & MSX Complete User Guide.

I used all of the original text with minor edits, added six articles I released in two different magazines called 'Beyond Basic' and it has been published as a Kindle eBook.

It is available on Amazon to purchase here

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