Berzerk Colecovision Flyer

Berzerk is a multidirectional shooter maze game, released for arcades in 1980 by Stern Electronics of Chicago. Berzerk places the player in a series of top-down, maze-like rooms containing armed robots.

The Astro Date is 3200 and you are the last survivor of a small group of earth people who came to explore the planet Mazeon. Soon after landing, you discovered the planet is a dark, apparently uninhabitable place. But by then it was too late to turn back because your space craft had been destroyed by Automazeons.

This version is for all ColecoVision consoles, no SGM required. Game play is a replica of the arcade, including the full original maze layout and robot placement logic.

The game does feature the speech samples from the arcade, but due to the limitations of the Coleco's sound chip no where near as clear. The original arcade had dedicated speech hardware that allowed it to play samples (unheard of at the time the arcade game was released).

The voices and sound effects are played during gameplay, without effecting the framerate, making it very close to the arcade games in that respect.