EA Classics Colecovision Combined Beta Released

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EA Classics Colecovision combined beta is now ready for testing by my two wonderful testers :)

I do know of one bug in Munchmania, but I'll try and fix that tomorrow before I send it out.

A CollectorVision opening screen will be added shortly as well.

The cartridge contains three of my very 1st full machine code titles original released for the original Spectravideo and MSX machines in the mid 80's.

The original games were developed in a tape based environment and all were designed to run on the Spectravideo SV-318 with only 12k of RAM for both the code and work space. Not much work was done on sound effects or music at the time (my excuse at the time was space, but I really did not have many tools).

I have spent some time making a proper set of Colecovision libraries and adding some minor enhancements to the titles.  Besides sound my largest challenge was getting a handle on the different way of dealing with timings, plus re-educating my old brain.

I have quite enjoyed the process however, and am now pleased that I can move on to my more complex later game titles. So look out for them in the coming months as well.

The cartridge will be released by Collectorvision and pre-orders will be available shortly.

A short video is available on my Facebook page here: