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Well I thought it was about time I started to get something new out there!  Obviously still going at restoring all of the old titles, but I have also discovered (and recovered) the source code to a few games I was working on.  I have dusted off the Z80 coding part of my brain and got one of them up and running enough to take screens shots.

Cavern Fighter - Stage OneCavern Fighter - Stage Two

The game is called 'Cavern Fighter', it is a take on the arcade classic Scramble.  It has a full six levels, similar to the original arcade game, each level introducing a new element, taking you towards the final confrontation at the end of level six.

Cavern Fighter - Stage ThreeCavern Fighter - Stage Four

The game is basically working, with collision detection, scoring, but still needs some more play testing, more game sounds, music, title screen and intro mode.  I publish more as I make progress over the next few months or so.

Cavern Fighter - Stage Five

It has been designed so that it will still work on Spectravideo machines (although not sure I will limit it to the SV-318's 16K of memory) and MSX 1 machines.  But I have tried to use appropriate techniques to make it as colourful and vibrant as possible.