Disks Revived


Finally after three attempts I today received a working MSX machine with floppy drives that also work!

Doing a quick run through of my store of MSX disks I can read pretty much all of them.  This includes the original source code for all of the titles, including most importantly the machine code ones.

The new machine is a Panasonic NMS 8250, which has been turbo'ed (to 7Mhz).  The previous attempt to get a machine was also a Panasonic NMS 8250 (also turbo'ed but as well extended to MSX 2+).  This will ensure that I will have plenty of spares, if anything goes wrong with this latest unit.

So stay tuned - as I copy the titles across to my PC so I can start posting them on the site.  My intention that most of the games written in BASIC will be available for a free download with the others going in a MegaRom.