Various articles on my quest to resurrect both my original titles I programmed back in the day, as well as the hardware that I have previously had stored away.

Cartridge Releases

I have been working on restoring all the source code to the original Electric Adventures titles, and in the process have also setup a cross development environment that will allow me to re-release the original titles along with enhanced versions.

The original Electric Adventures titles were only released on cassette, with a couple of titles available on 3.5" floppy disks.  I never had the resources required to make cartridge versions (which perhaps could have helped when ASCII Corporation came knocking on my door all those years ago).

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Disks Revived

Finally after three attempts I today received a working MSX machine with floppy drives that also work!

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Spectravideo X'Press Lives - Part II

Long time between posts, but I have been busy trying a few things.  I also visited a long time friend in Melbourne and was surprised that he still had his Spectravideo X'Press including box and the nice carry case they came with.  He gave it to me to take home, and I managed to get it home, as checked in luggage.

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Spectravideo X'Press Lives!

Well I managed to retrieve my Spectravideo X'Press machine out of storage and initial inspections have the machine showing no outward signs of damage.

Next after finding a suitable video cord and hooking it up to my processor (connected to a plasma none the less!) the familiar blue screen appears and after a short floppy disk seek I am presented with the main Basic screen.  Picture stability looks very good!

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The revival begins

Well I supposed I have to start somewhere, think of this is the first blinking cursor or hourglass as a long dormant machine slowly comes back to life.

Electric Adventures started many years ago as a channel for myself to create and publish games. 

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