Micro's Gazette

Micro's Gazette was pretty much published by myself and a couple of close friends, taking over from Computer Forum magazine, so that the Spectravideo and MSX movement would not die out in Australia.

I reduced the publication down to a bi-monthly and included a lot more content.

Eventually I got a new job and passed the magazine onto another group of people.

I am missing some issues, the last couple of mine and the 1st one of the new group (I think).  I have some more disks to go through, so I am hoping on finding electronic copies.

Micro's Gazette - Issue 000

1st published in December 1988, Micro's Gazette replaced the magazine Computer Forum. 

I had taken over Computer Forum during it's last issue so that it did not disappear into obscurity and got together with a group of friends to get it started.

It had a multi-colour front page - and put together using publishing software on my trusty Spectravideo SVI-738 and a 9-pin Epson printer.

Not a lot of content in the 1st issue, but it improves with each issue published.

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Micro's Gazette - Issue 001

The 2nd published issue started to get the layout a bit neater, and a few of the ongoing sections made their first appearance.

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Micro's Gazette - Issue 002

The 3rd published issue had added a few more pages, and a lot more content.  The ongoing articles started to hit their stride, and even the letters sections had grown to a much larger number.

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Micro's Gazette - Issue 003

Published in June 1989 this issue includes:

  • Beyond Basic (Part 5)
  • How to display 512 colours on the Spectravideo X'Press
  • Last part to Lords of Time
  • Make your own RAM cartridge

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