Lets Make a Retro Game: EP 11: Scoring

Our Megablast game we are making is based on Astrosmash for the Intellivision and in that game you can both increase your score by shooting various enemies plus loose score if any of the enemies make it to the ground.

So to make our scoring work we are going to need five things:

  • A routine to display the current score to the screen
  • A routine to add to the players score
  • A routine to subtract from the players score
  • Call the display routine when we are allowed to draw to the screen
  • Call the routines to add and subtract points to and from the players score at the appropriate places in our game.

The supplied code has two folders, Start, where we start the episode and End the final code and a copy of the ROM file.

Download Source Code.

The video associated with this episode is locatedĀ here.

The full article text is in the attached PDF documentĀ here.