SVI & MSX Australasian Users Group

Run for over three years by a dedicated group of mainly ex-CPM users who where dedicated to the Spectravideo range of computers.  In later years it also covered the more expanded range of MSX machines.

Produced out of Launceston, Tasmania Australia.

Personally I mainly contributed some early software titles, and learnt a lot from the informative articles.  It inspired me to produce the Micro's Gazette magazine to fill the gap after both this users group and Computer Forum ceased operations.

Spectravideo Australasian Users Group 1.07

Published April 1984, this issue is a larger issue, with two really listings and includes a number of other good articles.  It was the 1st issue where the name was changed to be 'Spectravideo Australasian Users Group' instead of 'Spectravideo Users Group of Tasmania'.

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Spectravideo Australasian Users Group 1.08

Published May 1984, this issue is a bit smaller than the last few issues and my copy was in pretty bad shape.  Anyone having a better quality one let me know so I can update the scanned version.  

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Spectravideo Users Group of Tasmania 1.04

Published January 1984, the fourth issue of the Spectravideo Users Group of Tasmania has some excellent articles, improved print quality, and most important the first listing submitted by me :)

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